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USTA Middle States COVID-19 Updates

USTA Middle States Statement on Programming (June 1, 2020)


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As of June 1, the national suspension of USTA tennis programming was officially lifted.


This means that moving forward, all determinations on programming in Pennsylvania and Delaware, along with parts of New Jersey and West Virginia, will be made by the USTA Middle States office.


As of now, USTA Middle States plans on slowly and safely welcoming tennis players back to USTA programming. This will happen on a case-by-case basis, based on local situations and in conjunction with government offices and local decision-makers.


Meanwhile, as facilities and organizations begin to reopen, we encourage all to view our Middle States Back to Tennis Best Practices, which communicate important tips, strategies, and suggested guidelines for reopening facilities and for players getting back on the court. We expect this to be a valuable resource for our many providers and players in the coming months. It will be updated regularly with new information and also includes the many guidelines, tips and assets developed by our national team.


As always, feel free to contact the USTA Middle States office with any questions and/or needs by emailing communications@ms.usta.com.


Programming Updates


USTA League and Junior Team Tennis Section Championships in Middle States are canceled for 2020. 


Middle States adult tennis programming is expected to resume at the local level with creative singles play and special events. Junior events will follow with a similar template. Meanwhile, USTA Tournaments will take place beginning next month, allowing our players to re-enter the world of USTA competition. 


Both adult and junior programming will resume under our Welcome Back to Tennis initiative. As we progress, updates and announcements to USTA programming can be found on this page.


Additional Junior Tennis Updates:


  • The upcoming USTA MS Level 3 Sectional Championship scheduled for June has been canceled for 2020. All 17 USTA Sections have canceled one of their Section Level 3 events that count for the 2020 national rankings.
  • USTA MS will add four new Level 4 tournaments to the 2020 calendar that will only count in the Section ranking list for 2020 but January 1, 2021, will be retroactively included in the National rankings for a total of eight level 4 tournaments.
  • USTA MS Level 4 and Level 5 Junior Tournaments that were originally scheduled between March 13 and June 7 will be rescheduled starting during the month of July. 
  • During the month of June, USTA MS level 8, 7, and 6 tournaments will be scheduled at locations authorized and approved by the local and state government.
  • All sanctioned tournaments will only consist of singles events, until further notice and the USTA MS Junior Ranking List will remain frozen until the end of July.


We are working to reschedule as many canceled and postponed tournaments as possible, so continue to check tennislink for updates.


Resources for Tennis Providers


As mentioned previously, our staff worked to organize Back to Tennis Best Practices, which communicates important tips, strategies, and suggested guidelines for organizations that are reopening. This incorporates information gathered locally in Middle States, and also through our national office.

The USTA Middle States Board of Directors and Staff