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Tennis Court Fall Clean Up is a Team Effort at Charter School of Wilmington



On a hot and humid day in August more than 20 volunteers turned out to support boys from Scout Troop 2 to help erect two sets of new bleachers for the Charter School Tennis Courts and clean up the surrounding area. The Eagle Scout project was developed and led by Charter student Alan Balu that included research, fund raising, and purchase of the bleachers. Alan is also a member of the tennis team. In addition to the boy scouts other volunteers included scout leaders, parents of scouts and players, boys and girls  from the varsity tennis teams and two members, Al Thompson and Pete Rigby, of the USTA Delaware District Board.

Al and Pete had consulted with Alan early on in the planning stages of the project and then worked with the other volunteers with construction of the bleachers and general clean up of the courts and surrounds from tree limbs, weeds, debris, etc. The goal was also to bring attention to other improvements that are needed for the courts including trimming the overhanging trees and improving the drainage. Al Thompson led the crew putting together the two new bleachers and Pete Rigby spent time with the cleanup and landscaping crew. They accomplished about 95% of the objective in over four hours.

In the summer of 2011, the USTA Delaware District worked with Chris Eddy, the Charter School Athletic Director,  and  then President of Charter, Chuck Baldwin,  to refurbish the 5 tennis courts which were unplayable at the time. With financial assistance from a USTA National Grant, all courts were resurfaced including several courts painted with 10 and under lines. As a result the USTA has had access to the courts for league play, tournaments, lessons, and junior programs

The near term objective is to conclude the trees trimming project followed by a separate project to improve overall drainage. The USTA looks forward to continuing the relationship with Charter School with access to the tennis facilities.