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Delaware District launches Club School tennis program

August 1, 2012 12:05 PM
This fall the USTA MS Delaware District (with financial support from the Delaware Tennis Foundation) launched a pilot program for Club Tennis at four schools:
  • - Conrad School of Sciences
  • - Newark High School
  • - Middletown High School
  • - Concord High School
The goal of the program was to offer students the opportunity to learn tennis with a professional instructor and guided match play. The program ran for 6 weeks from early September to the end of October with two after school, 90 minute sessions per week. Response to the program was overwhelmingly positive. USTA MS Delaware District Board Member and volunteer coordinator Pete Rigby said, "The students were great. The coordination and cooperation from the school administrators and volunteer sponsors were a key component and played a significant role in the program’s overall success". There were 46 students who participated in the program.
Cathy Jackson, the girl’s tennis and field hockey coach at Conrad School of Sciences and sponsor of Club Tennis at Conrad is a prime example of the enthusiastic support for the program. Cathy said, "the number of students that participated in the program was very encouraging for the future of our tennis program at Conrad.. It allowed our boys and girls tennis team players some one on one instruction. At the same time the inexperienced players became enthusiastic about tennis, many of whom will try out for our tennis teams in the spring. All the players are excited for the program to return next fall".
Monty Cullum (Tennis Instructor) said, "The students really enjoyed the chance to play tennis in the fall and had fun learning as they increased their skill levels and game knowledge".
With such a good start, the USTA MS Delaware District is hoping to expand the program to more schools next fall. USTA MS Delaware District President Paul Costellos says, "Club Tennis is an excellent example of how the USTA can work together with schools, tennis professionals, and Community Tennis Associations to provide students the opportunity to learn and play tennis, the sport for a lifetime".