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JTT National Championships


The Delaware Nightmare 18 Advanced Team competed in the JTT National Championships in Columbia, SC October 22-25 after receiving the Wild Card slot.  The competition was strong with the second match being played against the eventual winners of the event, Texas.  The kids played great tennis against New England, Texas, Missouri Valley, Albuquerque, and Hawaii and finished in 14th place.  For two of the players (Parker Barton and Vaish Gundakaram), it was their 5th trip to Nationals starting in Arizona in 2011 when they were 13 yrs old.  They are now Seniors in High School.  All of the players have been to Nationals before.  It should be noted that the 7 kids attend 4 different high schools but all train together and are great friends throughout the year.

In addition, the 14s Intermediate Team received a wild card slot to Nationals which was rescheduled for December due to SC flooding.  None of these kids have made the trip before and are over the moon with excitement!