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WTT 2007 Season Update
NOVEMBER 2-4, 2007, INDIAN WELLS, CA--Three teams from the Delaware area recently competed for a World TeamTennis National title in Indian Wells, CA. The tournament was held at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden on Nov. 2-4, and was hosted by Billie Jean King herself.
The First State Racquets competed at the 3.0 level in the summer 2006 tournament at DelCastle Park and later won the National Qualifier event in Bradenton, FL in February 2007, in order to compete at Nationals. The team was captained by Alison Moran and Taya Dianna. Team members included Cindy Weick, Jorge Jenkins, Milos Markis and Bert Heilman. Unfortunately, team member David Reilly was not able to make the trip with the team.
This was the team’s first visit to Nationals, but the second trip to a NQ event for captains Moran and Dianna. The captains commented that competition at Nationals was fierce, but friendly, and that they walked away with many new friends. Additionally, they wanted to recognize the efforts of Milos Markis, a student at UD, who was the only competitor at the 3.0 level to go undefeated in men’s singles. But it was truly the team effort in every match and practice that enabled First State Racquets to finish strong. “We also want to thank Jim Flesch for instructing us in the weeks before the trip,” said the captains, adding that the team adopted the mantra of “What Would Jim Say?” to keep them motivated and focused.
Another Delaware team, captained by Rebecca DePorte, also competed at the 3.0 level at the National Tournament. DePorte’s team won the summer 2007 recreational league at Banning Park and then won the 3.0 division at the NQ event at DuPont Country Club in October to advance to Indian Wells. Other members of DePorte’s National team included Moira McGuinness, Tara Andrews, Ian Hunt, Satish Shanmugan, and Ramesh Kasinar.
Six teams from across the nation competed for the title at the 3.0 level. The team from Puerto Rico was undefeated to claim first place, followed closely a team from Oklahoma to capture second place. First State Racquets and Team DePorte battled for the third place slot in the last day of competition, with Moran and Dianna’s team defeating DePorte in a fierce battle.
The third area team competing at Nationals was Subba Kumptala’s Big Shots. Having won the 3.5 division of the summer 2007 tournament at Delaware Tennis Center, Big Shots also smothered their competition at the DuPont Country Club NQ. Members competing at the National tournament included Avinash Sreenivasan, Kim Ziegler, Amparo Lyons, Cindy Beach, and Bianca Skilling. Other team members who couldn’t make the trip to California included Rob Attman, Vickie Tully and Mark Homewood.
All three of these teams competed in events hosted by Delaware World TeamTennis Recreational League, which is coordinated by Moran and Dianna. The League hosts several tournaments and a league throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Moran and Dianna have noticed considerable growth in the local league in the two years they have served as co-coordinators. “I think a lot of people are realizing that the WTT league is a great way to continue playing tennis between the end of the USTA summer league and the start of the USTA mixed doubles league,” says Dianna. Moran added that they receive numerous comments from league participants about the fun yet competitive spirit of World TeamTennis.
For more information about the local WTT Recreational League, go to www.delawarewtt.com or email info@delawarewtt.com
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