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USTA League District Championships

Delaware held its adult league district championships on July 22-23.  Tom Ellis, Area League Coordinator, and his able crew of volunteers, especially Joe Dombrowski, Kris Nonnenmacher, Pat Kleinfelter, and Mary Short, did an incredible job, first, securing a secondary site when it became clear that the usual site (Rodney Street courts) would not be ready.  They then had to hustle to move matches to two indoor facilities on Saturday when the weather did not cooperate.  Finally, on Sunday, the skies brightened and play was completed outside.  Congratulations to the winners who will represent Delaware at the USTA League Sectional Championships in Princeton, NJ August 18 - 20:

 2.5 W – Global Close, captain Janice Malloy
 3.0 W – Smash Girls, captains Taya Dianna and Alison Moran
 3.5 M – Tolliver, captain, Steve Tolliver
 3.5 W – Takes Three, captain Diane Daigler
 4.0 M – Brandywine, captain Jose Rodriquez
 4.0 W – Gunter Girls, captain Lynne Gunter
 4.5 M – Marauders, captain Vince Maximo
 4.5 W – Bond, captain Janis Bond