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Team Delaware goes to Nationals in Iowa

The Delaware Special Olympics tennis team of Erin Bailey and Glenn Jones and coach Mary Moore attended the first USA National Games. It was held July 2-7 in Ames, Iowa on the campus of Iowa State University. It brought together more than 3000 athletes from 50 states.

In tennis, there were over a 100 players from around the country. Erin and Glenn competed in singles and mixed doubles. In singles, Erin came in 2nd after a hard fought finals match with Amber from Oklahoma. Amber won the match in a super tiebreak 3rd set. Glenn came in 3rd after tough defeats at the hands of athletes from Connecticut and Kansas.

In Mixed Doubles, the Delaware team shined. Their teamwork really pulled them through. They constantly talked to each other during the points and gave each other pep talks in between points. In their final match against a team from Pennsylvania who were ranked much higher than they were, Erin and Glenn eked out a victory 4-1, 4-5(tiebreak 7-9) and 1-0 in a super tie break of 11-9.

Erin said, “I am thankful that I was selected to be part of Team Delaware. Being able to play my favorite sport, tennis, and being able to meet new people was just great. Memories of 2 super tiebreaks and talking to other athletes from around the country will stay with me forever.”

Mary Moore, Glenn Jones, Erin Bailey

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