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Subject: Early Start Ratings (Message from Sally Baird, with link)

Friday, September 17, 2004

Hello all,

I have published the "Early Start" ratings to the internet.  I had been trying to avoid publishing them to our web site because it is confusing to many.  I decided to publish them so that those playing mixed doubles will be able to choose the appropriate team to play on.

These ratings are not final.  After national championships are over, another calculation will be done using the national benchmarks.  It is possible at that time for players to move up or down.

Anyone who is planning to play mixed doubles can appeal this early start rating by sending an e-mail to me:  baird @ms.usta.com.  If the player's rating in hundredths is no more than .05 above the requested level, the appeal will be granted.  If it is higher than that, it will not be granted.

In any case, anyone who is moved up again after the "Year-end" ratings are published will have to appeal again.

This list contains the names of players who started 2004 as self rated players and any players whose computer rating has gone up or down during 2004 play.  The rating is the most recent dynamic rating generated by each player.  If your name is not on this list, your rating remains the same as was published at the end of 2003.

You will find the list on our home page and on the home of of USA League Tennis.  Here is the link to the ratings.  They are in a PDF file.


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