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Play for P.I.N.K. 2007
The 2nd Annual Play for P.I.N.K. Breast Cancer Awareness Event will be held at the DuPont Country Club on Saturday, November 3, 2007, from 6-9 pm. Cost is $45, which includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and a tax-deductible donation. A cash bar will be provided. A check for $25 should be made payable to “Play for PINK” for the donation and a $20 check payable to The DuPont Country to cover the hors d’oeuvres. The round robin event is open to men and women. There will also be a Silent Auction in the lobby of the Fitness and Tennis Center beginning October 29 in the lobby of the Tennis and Fitness Center. Please sign up by contacting the Tennis Office on 421-2012.

Last year, 41 men and women participated and over $3,000 was raised. Our goal this year is to raise $5,000. If you can not participate in the event, please consider a donation or participating in the Silent Auction.

Play for P.I.N.K. (Prevention, Immediate diagnosis, New technology, Knowledge) was started in 1990 by a group of women who were saddened when one of their friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. The frightening news galvanized then to do something for her, for themselves and for women. One of the founders suggested a golf tournament: she knew how to run one, so why not? The decision was made that all money raised must go to breast cancer research. Today, an estimated 14,000 participants-women, men and children- have enjoyed the benefits of this fundraiser.

In October 2006, Play for P.I.N.K. presented The Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a check for $2,000,000 bringing PFP’s total contribution through the years to $10 million dollars. Due to the organization’s outstanding success, and with the hope to replicate it elsewhere, the Foundation secured Bloomberg as Title sponsor of Play for P.I.N.K. Bloomberg has generously underwritten the expansion of the tournament and all expenses, thus allowing ALL monies raised by PFP to go directly to breast cancer research.

Please join us and support the world’s top researchers as they strive to find the cure for breast cancer. Let’s give hope our best shot!!!!

Melinda Nonnenmacher