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Mixed Doubles League Championships Results

MXD Team Captains, Congratulations to Delaware's MXD League Champions! We wish them well at the Middle States Sectionals to be held in Landisville, PA the weekend of June 2-4. Following are the match results. You may view the scorecards by entering the match numbers in TennisLink.
6.0 Flight
Semi Finals
Match Number 2134826 Shelly def Moran-Diana 3-0
Match Number 2134827 Dombrowski-Aces def Campbell 2-1
Match Number 2134828 Shelly def Dombrowski-Aces 3-0
7.0 Flight
Semi Finals
Match Number 2134911 Dombrowski def Akalin 2-1
Match Number 2134912 Cassedy def Peacock 2-1
Match Number 2134913 Dombrowski def Cassedy 2-1
8.0 Flight
Semi Finals
Match Number 2134914 Harris def Kooker 3-0
Match Number 2134915 Bonavita-Rizzo def Ballas 2-1
Match Number 2134916 Harris def Bonavita-Rizzo 3-0
9.0 Flight
Semi Finals
No Semi Final Matches were played
Match Number 2134917 Pryor def Crowe-Wang 2-1
Congratulations to Keith Kooker and Margaret Campbell! They won the captains' drawing for the Delaware Smash World Team Tennis box seats.
I will be returning your escrow checks later this week.
Thanks to all of you for serving as team captain. Without you there wouldn't be a MXD league!
Thanks also to the managers of Elkton Indoor Tennis and Brandywine Racquet Club for making their courts available for our MXD Championships.