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Delaware Tennis Foundation

Delaware Tennis Foundation Board

Dan Kegelman, President
Bobby Rickard, Vice President
Mark Manning, Treasurer
Ellin Foote, Assistant Treasurer
Charles Oertel, Secretary
Larry Gehrke
Larry Hampton, Pro Liaison
Faith Jolley
David Lyons
Peter Morrow
Jeff Olmstead

The Delaware Tennis Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the primary purpose of fostering tennis and the development of tennis in Delaware. It serves as the conduit for tax-free support of tennis in Delaware, primarily via grants to the Delaware District of the Middle States Section of the U.S. Tennis Association. In addition, the Board of Directors provides directed guidance to accomplish the primary purpose. The Board consists of twelve members, most of whom who have been Presidents of the Delaware District or differently named predecessor organizations, or highly qualified persons who have a depth of knowledge in tennis activities. Board Members are elected to 3-year terms. It is the oldest such Foundation in the Middle States Section, and possibly in the U.S.

Income comes from individual donations and one or two foundations, several fundraisers and funds provided via death bequests. Funds available have been invested very conservatively by agreement of the Board.

The Foundation was incorporated in 1953 as the Delaware Foundation for Physical Education, Inc., driven by William duPont of Bellevue. The initial funding was from a group of 15 individuals and totaled $2,995. The first year of operation was 1954. Initially, the intended efforts were broader than tennis, and contributions were made to activities in badminton, ice-skating and basketball via the Kingswood Community Center. In the past 35 years, activities have been focused exclusively on tennis. Support of tennis activities has been widespread, including suburbia and the country clubs, inner-city groups throughout Delaware and a substantial presence in Middle States programs. Both youth and adults have been served. In addition to support of individuals and small groups, advocacy for additional tennis courts has been effective.

To make a contribution, or for more information, contact Mark Manning, 302-428-1949, email mjmanning@ctfin.com.