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Delaware District Proposed Board and Officers for 2005-6

Proposed Board of Directors:

Keith Lake
Sue Gardiner
Tom Ellis
Dan Kegelman
Bobby Rickard
Joe Dombrowski
Larry Hampton
Joan Schneikart
Ed McQuillin
Jim Flesch
Mark Centrella
Jeff Harrison
Mark Manning
Kimberly Consalvi
Mary Moore
Araceli Popen
Laura Travis

Proposed slate of officers for 2005-6:

President – Jeff Harrison

1st Vice President – Tom Ellis

2nd Vice President – Mark Manning

Secretary – Joan Schneikart

Treasurer – Larry Hampton

Anyone wishing to make additional nominations must do so in writing to Joan Schneikart, nominating committee chairperson, 4620 Bailey Dr., Wilmington, DE 19808, by December 9, 2004. Any additional nominations must be supported by signatures of at least 10 USTA/MS/DD members.