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Delaware Announces 2004 Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2004 Inductees into the Delaware District Tennis Hall of Fame are Licky Randolph and Peter Morrow. Both of these inductees have been very active in tennis activities in Delaware and promoting tennis for over 35 years. Previous inductees into the Delaware District Tennis Hall of Fame are listed below. This event will take place at the Wilmington Country Club on Friday, October l5th, 6:30 p.m., cost $50 per person. Come and join us for this celebration. For information, please call Ed McQuillin at 302-655-6513.

Inductees into DD Hall of Fame

1995 Bunny Vosters
1996 Gretchen Spruance, Ed Garcia
1997 Nancy Keiper, Lou Dods
1998 Peggy Woolard
1999 Faith Jolley, Dot Kropf, Oscar Sebastian, Ray Walker, Evelyn Waxman
2000 Larry Hampton, Ellin Foote
2001 Pano Anthos, Dick Botsch, Jeff Olmstead
2002 Dick Emmert, Lois Huggins, Ed McQuillin
2003 Not held – Hosted Middle States Hall of Fame –Inductees: Nancy Keiper, Larry Hampton,
Margaret Osborne DuPont, Ed and Peggy Woolard
2004 Peter Morrow, Licky Randolph

Licky Randolph

Licky Hall of Fame

Licky Randolph has made significant contributions to the advancement of tennis opportunities at the community, district, and national levels. She has served for many years as tennis player, coach, instructor, tournament director, administrator, volunteer and the last six years Executive Secretary of the USTA/ Middle States Section/ Delaware Distinct. She was named Delaware High School Boys Coach of the Year in 1989 and 2001 coaching since l982 winning 4 State Championships. Also, in 2001 was named the National Federation High School Coaches Tennis Coach of the Year for Mideast Region and USPTA Middle States High School Coach of the Year. She was a member of the 4.5 level USA League teams that won three National Championships in l983, l985, and l993. She has taught for the Delaware District since 1982, introducing many of today’s league players to tennis. She also spent 4 years teaching tennis to women prisoners at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institute as part of their rehabilitation. Multi-faceted is the right word to describe Licky's involvement. Love of tennis and recognition of the important role tennis has played in her own life have made Licky Randolph eager to introduce the sport to others.

Peter Morrow

Peter Hall of Fame

Peter Morrow, who was born in Wilmington, has been an active player in Delaware since he was a junior and has made many contributions to the advancement of tennis in the community. He won the Delaware State Interscholastic High School Tournament 4 years in a row, the youngest player to ever do so. As a junior, he played in the Junior Nationals in Kalamazoo for 4 years. He also played for the University of North Carolina. In the 1950's, Peter taught 2 summers in the Delaware Tennis Summer Instruction Program. In l984, he won the Delaware State Men's Doubles Tournament with Mike Green. He was on the Delaware District Board for six years, President of the Delaware District l993-l994, President of the Delaware Tennis Foundation 1997-1999, and on the Delaware Tennis Foundation Board 1995 to present. Peter plays regularly in the interdistricts, plays local age-group tournaments, USA League Tennis at the 4.5 level, and club tournaments, winning the club championships at the Wilmington Country Club at least l3 times. In 2001, Pete played in the Avery Cup with the United States Team against England. He is a member of the International Lawn Tennis Club. He is also an active paddle player winning a number of national tournaments and the 45 and over National Championship in l987.