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2008 MXD Team Scheduler Registration
2008 Delaware District Mixed Doubles League team captains can login to the Randolph Scheduler and select their team’s preferences, including home match playing day and time, court preferences, match avoid dates and connected teams………….

1. Captains must first send an email to Tom Ellis at tderre@del.net to obtain their team number(s). The email must include the captain’s contact phone number and the flight(s) the team(s) will play in.

2. After receiving the team number, captains will use www.detennis.com/access.php to login to the Scheduler and enter team preferences.

3. Team captains will have until September 28th to enter and/or revise team preferences. The input will be used by the Scheduler to meet each captain’s preferences as close as possible. Captains not entering preferences by that date will be assigned default sites, days and times for the team’s home matches.

4. Team captains cannot use the Scheduler to register players. Captains and players must still use TennisLink to apply for or renew USTA membership, and to register for teams. TennisLink registration will open September 11th.

5. Captains do not need to have players registered on TennisLink before using the "Randolph Scheduler". They are two separate tools.

6. Contact Tom Ellis at tderre@del.net if you have questions.