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2007 Delaware District Adult League Champions

Delaware District USTA Adult League Championship Winners

The following teams won their flight’s Championship this past weekend and will represent the Delaware District at the 2007 Middle States Section Adult Championships in Princeton August 17-19. You can view the “finals” match scorecards on Tennis Link by entering the match numbers given below.

2.5 Women (Finals match number 2184816)

Team: Net Gains

Team#: 3506347590

Captain: Susan Bacher

3.0 Women (Finals match number 2184739)

Team: Volley Girls

Team#: 3506347630

Captain: Maria Bennett

3.0 Men (Finals match number 2184742)

Team: Watermen

Team#: 3506347597

Captain: Robert C. Hite

3.5 Women (Finals match number 2184760)

Team: Venus Envy

Team#: 3506347653

Captain:Cindy Beach

3.5 Men (Finals match number 2184778)

Team: The Dukes

Team#: 3506347646

Captain: Tim Berger

4.0 Women (Finals match number 2184781)

Team: Gunter Girls

Team#: 3506340041

Captain: Lynne Gunter

4.0 Men (Finals match number 2184784)

Team: DuPont Gold

Team#: 3506347680

Captain: Dave Lester

4.5 Women

Team: Bond Girls

Captain: Janis Bond

4.5 Men (Finals match number 2184815)

Team: DuPont

Team#: 3506347698

Captain: Jack Welch