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USTA Adult League Championships Winners

July 29, 2004 07:36 PM

Congratulations to the following winners of the Delaware District USTA Adult League Championships!  They will represent the Delaware District at the Sectional Championships in Princeton, N.J. You may view the match scorecards by logging on to www.USTA.com and using the "Championships" drop down menu on TennisLink.

2.5 Women: Volley Girls; Team# 3506149262

3.0 Women: The Racquettes; Team# 3506149288

3.5 Women: Mealey; Team# 3506149302

4.0 Women: Ruff; Team# 3506149338

3.0 Men: Stoney’s; Team# 3506147128

3.5 Men: Strokes; Team# 3506147151

4.0 Men: First State; Team# 3506149319

4.5 Men: Marauders; Team# 3506149347