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Delaware Senior Men and Women Capture Sectional Championships

September 22, 2004 01:09 PM

3.0 Senior Men

3.0 Senior Men: Delaware District. First row (left to right): Mike Randolph, Leonardo Giribaldi, John Tanne (captain) and Dick Northam. Second row: Roy Finkelman, Lou Schlegel, Phil Keller and Mark Bowan. Not pictured: Gerald Lucht, Felix Fernandez, Skip Achuff and Fred Rolle.

3.0 Senior Wemon

3.0 Senior Women: Delaware District, T.L.C. First Row: Patti Hossain, Chris Spagnolo and Mimi Boudart. Second row: Linda Castle, Melissa Jessup, Gail Everett and Carolyn Dombrowski. Third row: Jane Burslem, Pat Scarano, Joe Dombrowski (coach), Karen Hrycak and Barbara Burleigh (captain). Not pictured: Diane McGrellis, Ann Marvel and Jane Kursh.

4.5 Senior W

4.5 Senior Women: Delaware District, Gunter. First row (left to right): Gail Brzoski, Janice Golden, Mary Williams and Sherry Grim. Second row: Annie Rizzo, Lynne Gunter (captain), Leslie Pixley and Wendy Schenk. Not pictured: Babe Arden.

7.0 Super Senior Women

7.0 Super Senior Women: The Watson Team (Delaware District). Left to right: Christa Walker, Shirley Bailey, Barbara Keller, Jenny McCann, Pat Watson (captain), Rosemarie Cannon, Gloria Shuler, Marsha Avery and Pat Knepper. Not pictured: Betty Lou Duckworth and Ursula Kroll.