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3.5 Uber Smash is going to Nationals!

USTA Middle States hosted 18 Sectionals competition in Princeton, NJ over the weekend. We are pleased to announce that the Delaware District will be represented at Nationals by the 3.5 Uber Smash, captained by Taya Dianna. Uber Smash went undefeated for the weekend to advance. Members of the team hail from four different states and include: Alison Moran, Andrea Napoli, Carole Crowe, Charlene Sun, Chishu Chang, Cindy Weick, Haiying Chen, Jessica Sun, Joann Martin, Karen Gilliland, Ekaterina Swearingen, Kori Isken, Lara Casey, Marcia Fry, Marcia Keld, Meredith Sutzko, Sarah Chang, Stef Benson, and Sue Perry. Nationals for the 3.5 Division will be held in Mobile, AL, October 7-9