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2018 #1 Ranked Players.

Congratulations to the 2018 #1 Ranked Players in the Delaware District and Middle States Section. 

They will be recognized at the Annual Award Ceremony on Sunday, February 24, at the DoubleTree Hotel on Concord Pike from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Tickets are $20 and include brunch.

For more information, or to get tickets to the ceremony, email Meg Bailor at megkempski@gmail.com.




2018 #1 Ranked Players


#1 Ranked Players in the Delaware District


Taya Dianna – Women’s 3.5 Singles

Christopher Anderson – Men’s 4.0 Singles

Timothy Oppelt – Men’s 4.5 Singles

Alander Graham – Men’s Open Singles


Ava Emrich – Girls’ 12s

Olivia Anyanwu – Girls’ 14s

Erika Synoski – Girls’ 16s

Katherine Tamesis – Girls’ 18s

Michael Dignazio – Boys’ 12s

Gabriel Kraft – Boys’ 14s

Jhayden Pappas – Boys’ 16s

Verosh Jayanetti – Boys’ 18s


#1 Ranked Players in the Middle States Section


Aubrey Nisbet – Girls’ 14s Highest Ranked National Player

Bryan Sauer – Men’s 55 Singles

Timothy Oppelt – Men’s 4.5 Singles

Mike Chang and Neena Srivastava – Combined Mixed 6.0 Doubles

John Gaskill and Russell Kuchera – Men’s 4.5 Doubles and Men’s 45 Doubles

Tony House and Louis Meehan – Men’s 55 Doubles

Marshall Joubert and Tem Saeui – Men’s 65 Doubles